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How to collect reliable data on vulnerable migrant children?

I work on the complex intersection between international migration and population health. Focused on a "social vulnerability" approach to this matter, I have found extremely complex to collect reliable data on vulnerable migrant children. Some challenges, for example:
- How to find undocumented children to survey, as they stay at home alone and parents try to hide from locals?
- How to get data from children themselves, as there are several language and cultural barriers to approach them directly?
- How to apply locally standardised questionnaires to them or their parents?
- How to protect their human rights as research subjects at all times? How can we make sure we never affect/offend them?

Baltica Cabieses Baltica Cabieses, Universidad del Desarrollo

THEMES:  Research issues |  Social determinants

POSTED: May 18,2017 |  Closed dicussion  | This is a public question